SFS Scholarships have been instituted by the College for students who excel in the University Examinations every year. The topper of the college will be eligible for the award. Students who perform outstandingly in the Final Examination will also receive special award. The following SFSC endowment prizes are awarded to the students who excel in academic, curricular or co-curricular activities. They shall be awarded on SFSC Annual Day.
1. Mermier Award for Excellence – Best student of the year ( Final year) Rs.5000/-
2. De Sales Excellence Award – Best Graduate of the year (final year) Rs. 5000/-
3. Fransalian Scholarship for meritorious students 60% above marks for semester exam
4. Fransalian Scholarship for economically backward students
Conditions for scholarship and other endorsements:
1. 75% attendance
2. Active participation in all the activities and programs of the college
3. Good disciplined behavior
4. Participation in innovative and creative projects


SFS College, Aalo has adopted the ‘Green Campus’ system for environmental conservation and sustainability and focuses on the following objectives:
1. To improve environment of the college campus
2. To spread awareness among the students and other members of the college about the environment conservation
3. To assess management system of solid waste, liquid waste and e-waste of the college campus.
4. To reduce noise, water, air pollution through preventive measures
5. To encourage tree plantation, use of organic fertilizer
6. To reduce the dependency of non-renewable source of energy and encourage use of alternate sources.
Institution has developed a multi-pronged approach in the following areas-established kitchen gardens with various vegetables and fruit giving trees like banana, guava, pomegranate and some local fruits. Institution has adopted rain water harvesting to conserve rain water. It has also adopted an effective waste collection and disposal system which helps to keep the campus clean. The manure which is made out of waste is used wisely in the kitchen gardens and flower gardens. Vermi compost is also playing a vital role as highly nutritive manure for gardens. Green campus helps to control storm water drainage and soil erosion.


In today’s world, being proactive is the only solution to be in the first row of the competition. Students should be made habituated to go in search of various books, read them, understand them and finally analyze them. Research in various subjects widens student’s knowledge and creates interest in their chosen fields. At this primary level, research gave them vague ideas and made them feel responsible for the work they are doing. Nevertheless, the level of confidence also gets boosted making them look more mature and happy.
Publication of the work is need of the hour which works as an evidence and proves of student’s research works. At this primary level, publications help them to inculcate the habits of keeping official records making them more organized and well-kept.
At the B.A Level where the students just enters the college with limited knowledge, are trained to do research work under the guidance of talented faculties. In various departments like English, Geography, Pol. Science, History and Sociology, research work is made mandatory in the college. Resource persons are invited to conduct a workshop on Research Mythology to help students to understand the procedure. In the V semester, students are guided and encouraged to prepare research papers in their major subjects which will inculcate the habit to look for new things happening in their subject areas. Moreover, it will prepare the students to go for M.Phil/Ph.D later in their lives.
Publication holds a major role in making the point as best practice. Departments wise Newsletters and journals create an interest in students to do something unique in the Institution.
Sl. No.DepartmentNames of the NewslettersName of the Journal
2GeographyKosmosGes- Periodos
3Pol. SciencePolitical views and NewsRadiant
4SociologyDynamicsJournal of Sociology
5HistoryAlmanacJournal of History
6English (Literary club)-Campus Musings
7College(College week)Francis Fiesta-