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Saint Francis de Sales College (SFSC), accredited by NAAC with B++, approved by UGC, affiliated to RGU, Doimukh, and administered by the MSFS is an ISO Certified Graduate College in the township of Aalo in the “land of the dawn lit mountains”, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Established and managed by the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales (MSFS) in 2007 with the motto "Light to Enlighten”, the college meets fittingly and fully all the educational requirements of the modern-day education. A minority Higher Educational Institution with a secular outlook, it admits students from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, tribe and language. SFS College is an educational Institution. It is permanently affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Central University, Itanagar; approved by UGC (University Grants Commission) and accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). SFS College follows CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) as per LOCF (Learning Outcome based Curriculum Frame work) and offers graduation in Education, English, History, Geography, Political Science and Sociology.

The MSFS fathers, also called Fransalians, inherit a tradition of close to 200 years, as educators who are enlightened guides to their pupils. We are systematically, definitely and purposively committed to forming the present generation for the future through more than 200 quality Educational Institutions across India. The college is named after Saint Francis de Sales (SFS), a Bishop who lived a Holy and Saintly life between 1567 and 1622. We believe that, true education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of their ultimate goal in life and the good of the society. The magnificent college building stands as a testimony to the commitment of the MSFS Fathers towards the education and service to the people of 'Siang Districts'.

Within this short span of years, SFSC has become one of the favorite destinations of students from all over Arunachal Pradesh who are interested in pursuing higher studies. Besides regular BA Programme, College also offers a number of certificate skill based courses in order to enhance the quality of education. College is known for its extracurricular and extension activities such as NSS, NCC activities, Women's Forum, regular Cultural and Sports competitions, excursions, leadership camps, training for various competitive exams, various literary competitions etc. All these activities and programs provide ample opportunities for students to grow up as responsible citizens of the country. College is blessed to have a dedicated and hardworking team of teaching and non-teaching staff.



'To strive for excellence in all aspects of education, to form integrated persons who are conscious of their responsibility, to build a just and humane world, to enlighten the students to counter the forces of evil, to make them liberators of social, economic and gender inequalities and from the evils of communalism, regionalism, racism, tribalism and consumerism and to work against forces trying to destroy the environment'.



Knowledge is light. College is imparting Knowledge which is light. Students, when they become knowledgeable are enlightened. They in turn are expected to lighten others and thus effecting the transformation of society.



Education becomes effective when it helps a child to open up oneself to life. Holistic development essentially implies the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities in a child so that he or she is capable of facing the demands and challenges of everyday life. These abilities are vitally important for success in professional work and happiness personal front. The college focuses on the academic and social needs of students.

Progress is moving forward towards an end goal by making things better and more advanced. We focus on getting better and better every day and provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that provide progress of mind, spirit, and body. Our emphasis is on progressive development.



Holistic development of students with sound intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional and moral maturity that will pave the way for a truly democratic, secular and equitable social order.


SFS College emblem signifies the importance of Knowledge and Divine Wisdom. The Open Book represents the Holy Bible which is the source of Divine Wisdom. Our effort and endeavour is not limited to imparting knowledge alone but more importantly true wisdom that leads to holistic development of the individual and all round progress of the society. It is from this Book the burning light emanates. This light illumines men and removes the darkness in the world. Every man, who received this Light in return, is reminded to be "A light to Enlighten" his fellowman. Every student of SFS College is send out with this mission: to be burning lights in the society by being the beacons of peace and justice.



21st century is an age focused on excellence in every sphere of engagement. SFS College constantly stresses and inspires on achieving excellence in education while being students and later on excellence in their life


Faith in God
Quest for knowledge
Love for the Nation
Moral Uprightness
Skill Enhancement


  1. Preparatory and Advanced Units

    Every subject and paper of the syllabus is auditioned by the college with a preparatory and advanced unit. Introductory unit helps students to recollect and reconnect with the preceding topics while advanced units aid them to get themselves ready for the coming session with extra reading.

  2. Eco Friendly Campus

    Situated in a rural setting the college is close to nature and to derive the best out of it, we keep our campus free of plastic and other avoidable and degradable wastes.

  3. Desalites' Reach Out

    Our education mission is extended beyond class room hours and college premises. The college renders its services to neighborhood institutions and beyond official working hours and days.

    We volunteer in this attempt:
    • To contribute to the educational quality of the rural surroundings
    • To uplift the living quality of neighborhood.


Founder & Patron of MSFS

Founder Of MSFS

Fr. Peter Marie Mermier , our Founder, was born on 28th August 1790 in Savoy, France. At the time of his birth the population of Savoy was almost rural. The towns and villages had only a few craftsmen and shop-keepers. At the cost of hard work and strict economy, the people eked out their living by the cultivation of their land and by grazing their cattle on the mountains. Fr. Mermier's father, Francois Mermier who belonged to a race of landowners and a family of good standing, was a peasant and the son had inherited all the qualities of a peasant: good sense, practical mind, prudent audacity, tenacious and calm perseverance. His mother, Antionette Bastian was a pious and devout woman to whom Fr. Mermier owed his fine and alert mind, his social sense and above all his first initiation into faith and sound piety. God had the first place in the home of the Mermiers. Fr. Mermier once said: "I repent for not having written anything about my mother. My God, how much I owe her. No, no, she was not an ordinary woman".

It was the time of 'Reign of Terror' and little Mermier saw closing of the Church and the school of Chaumont, the belfry pulled down, the bells destroyed and the presbytery deserted. He heard his parents and others whispering about the events which devastated the country, about the priests arrested and sent to prison and to penal servitude. He was highly impressed by the lively faith of his mother and her love for God. She made her house a shelter for the faithful priests hunted down by the revolutionaries. She received them with cordial respect. He saw her comforting them, sheltering them, watching over their safety under her roof and providing them with some provisions for their departure. And when on Sundays a priest celebrated Holy Mass in the house, Peter Mermier used to remain close to his mother. He felt so happy to see her pray and receive holy communion. Later on Fr. Mermier would say, "I owe my vocation to the holiness of my mother".


St. Francis de Sales, our Patron, was born on 21st August 1567 at Thorens, Savoy, near Geneva in Switzerland and Annecy in France. The parents of Francis were Francis de Sales, generally known as Monsieur de Boisy and Francoise de Sionnaz commonly known as Madame de Boisy. Monsieur de Boisy, by his life, example and firm guidance taught Francis to be an honest, sincere, frank, straightforward and courageous boy with a great sense of justice, kindness, generosity and integrity. From his father, he learned a manly devotion while from his mother he inherited a kind, compassionate and affectionate heart and tender devotion.

In 1573, Francis was sent to a school at La Roche, near Thorens when he was six years old. From 1575, he continued his studies in the school of Chappuis at Annecy. On 17th December 1575, he made his First Communion and received Confirmation. Thereupon he made two major resolutions: he would visit the Blessed Sacrament everyday and would try to learn from the saints how they attained sainthood. On 20th September 1578 Francis received tonsure as he desired to become a priest and belong to the Church entirely.

In September 1578, Monsieur de Boisy sent Francis with his cousins to Paris for higher education. Francis joined the college of Clermont run by the Jesuits. There he studied literature, philosophy and learned arts like fencing, riding, dance etc., befitting nobles. He followed courses in theology for his own satisfaction.

History of the Institution

Saint Francis de sales College (SFSC), Aalo, established in the year 2007 is administered and managed by the MSFS Fathers also known as the Fransalians, who are called to be enlightened guides of their students. The MSFS Fathers have more 170 years of experience and expertise in imparting quality higher education all over the world.

S F S College is an Institution with a secular outlook. It admits students from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, tribe and language to be part of this institute of Higher learning. It is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Central University, Itanagar. It was established with the motto "LIGHT TO ENLIGHTEN". The MSFS Fathers are systematically, definitely and purposively committed to forming the present generation for the future through more than 100 quality Educational Institutions in India. SFS College, Aalo, meets fittingly and fully all the educational institutional requirements of the students of this hilly, enchanting and beautiful "land of the dawn lit mountains".

college is named after Saint Francis De Sales (SFS). We believe that, true education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of their ultimate goal in life and the good of the society.

"St Francis De Sales College Society" (SF/ITA/3571) is a registered charitable society and the Provincial Superior is its defacto president. Dr. (Fr.) George Panthanmakkal MSFS is the present Provincial. It is the realization of the great vision and hard works many pioneering fathers of MSFS in Arunachal Pradesh. SFS College at present offers Honours in Sociology, English, Political Science, history and Geography. A magnificent building, often described as the "the best college building in Arunachal Pradesh" stand as an edifice to the commitment of the MSFS Fathers towards the education and service to the "Galos" and "Adis" of the "Siang Districts"

The college though has a long way to go ahead, is still proud of itself in terms of what it has been able to achieve so far. The students are a happy lot over here. The NSS activities, Women's Forum, Annual Cultural and Sports competitions, provide ample opportunities for them to grow up as responsible citizens of the country. We are glad to have a group of dedicated and hardworking Teaching and Non Teaching Staff.


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