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Saint Francis De Sales has an active alumni association named as Saint Francis De Sales Alumni Forum (SFSAF) (Yet to be registered) comprising of former students (alumni) of the institution. These associations often organize events and programs and raise funds for the welfare of the institution.

The Association functions with the following objectives in view:

  • Provide a forum for the alumni to come together and exchange ideas on academic, cultural and social issues.
  • To organize academic, social and cultural event/programs
  • To provide guidance and support to the outgoing students in their pursuance of higher education.
  • To organize career fare and workshops on competitive exams.
  • To encourage interaction between the Alumni and the present students and contribute to the development of the institution.
  • Disburse scholarships to the outstanding students of the institution.
  • Raise funds cash/kind for the welfare of the institution.

Alumni Association Membership


The membership of the Alumni Association is open to all the former students who have completed the Under Graduate course offered by the institution and are not enrolled as a current student of the institution.

Procedure to obtain Membership:

The membership forms are available at the payment of Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Fifty Only) at the college office. In order to obtain membership, the applicant should submit the filled-in Registration form to the designated authorities at the office.

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